It is part of Science Foundation Ireland’s role to grow the communities contributing to Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) and to empower people to shape Ireland’s future through innovation.  It is important for Science Foundation Ireland to support growth in the confidence of the Irish public to be informed and reflective on policy and decisions around the societal challenges we face together.

Science Foundation Ireland welcomes contributions from across the sciences, arts, media, education, youth and/or community work sectors. Applicants are encouraged to submit proposals that create opportunities for broader participation and engagement of the public with STEM. Science Foundation Ireland is keen to push the boundaries of participation and welcomes novel approaches to engaging the public, in ways that are most suited to them.

The aim of the SFI Discover Programme is to support projects that address one or more of the following objectives:

  • Stimulate engagement and curiosity amongst the general public in STEM
  • Create debate and conversation amongst the public on STEM and their appreciation of its impact on society
  • Use new ways to attract those who would not typically engage with STEM
  • Apply STEM engagement and awareness in innovative ways for the benefit of the public e.g. within youth and community work to support youth and community work outcomes.
  • Inspire curiosity and confidence in the scientific method
  • Provide insights into STEM-related careers and discoveries while breaking down any negative stereotypes Support projects which develop capacity for the delivery of STEM Education and Public Engagement (EPE) in Ireland”