We invite you to join us for an unmissable series of virtual and in-person events for Science Week (November 7-14) as part of ‘The Festival of Farming and Food’.

We will be looking for your ideas, for ‘Creating our Future’ as part of Ireland’s biggest brainstorm. We’ll be asking you to share your thoughts and ideas on what you think Irish researchers should explore to create a better future.

At Teagasc, we are investigating more environmentally sustainable grassland swards by mixing grass with different clovers and herbs, which can bring multiple benefits to both farmers and the environment. Come and join us to discover the benefits of plant diversity for farming!

Join us in the National Botanic Gardens to find out about the many interesting careers in horticulture.

We invite you to join us to find out about all things fruit and vegetable. Fruit and vegetables are good for us, but do you really know why? What do they do for us and what else can we find out about them? In Teagasc we’re working on finding out a lot more!

Come join us for a behind the scenes tour of our dairy farm. You will learn many fascinating facts about dairy cows and the farmers and scientists who work with these impressive animals every day.

Join our events on Zoom and get a chance to put your questions to our scientists in our live Q&As.

Come and join us for a series of nature walks highlighting the importance of forestry and experience the benefits of getting outside, observing and enjoying nature!


This festival is sponsored by Science Foundation Ireland and Teagasc (Agriculture and Food Development Authority).