“Ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann na daoine,” an Irish saying, meaning that we need and depend on each other. With COVID-19 we have all seen over the last year how this is so relevant to our lives, not only at a local level but also on the global stage. Our health and wellbeing as individuals, communities and as a species depends on complex webs of human activity that affects the quality of our lives. Also, the health and wellbeing of the environment, on which humans and all life on earth depends needs protection.

How then are we to live our lives post Covid and beyond 2021? Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) will play a very important role in how we live in the future and is relevant in ways we might not have imagined.


The Kerry Science Festival – Beyond 2021 has a Vision that it wants to share with you on how, behind the scene, STEM supports society in ways that we may not realise.


* Would you like to see how STEM works across most fields of human endeavor?

* Would you like to understand how our world works?

* Would you like to hear how STEM find solutions to problems, big and small, and in the process create

things that we could never have imagined?

* You will see how Arts play an important part in human health and wellbeing so A is added to STEM

creating STEAM.


We will explore the wide variety of projects that Natural and Social Scientists and Engineers are working on to improve our health and wellbeing and protect our environments.