Featured Events

Baking in Space

Space champion, Dr. Niamh Shaw and Great British Bake Off finalist, Andrew Smyth, will bring you on a journey from Earth to the Moon and back, with demos and bakes directly to your kitchens. Join them as they 'Bake to the Future'!

Lifting off from Earth and headed for the Moon, ‘Baking In Space – Bake to the Future' will explore our planet in lockdown, how we have learned to adapt and the parallels between living in space and living during COVID.

With special guests including Helen Sharman, the first British astronaut, representatives from the European Space Agency and a range of Irish researchers, together we will explore the surprising connections between everyday bakes and the extraordinary engineering that helps keep astronauts alive in space.

Packed with live demos, baking, space, scientists, engineering (aerospace/food), psychology and activities for families to do at home, we look to a Future Earth in another exciting space baking show!

'Baking In Space' is suitable for a general family audience, age 8+.

Registration Available here: https://www.britishcouncil.ie/baking-in-space

Updating Climate Science in the ‘New Normal World’

In his talk, Professor John Sweeney, will examine recent advances in climate change science as the risk of overshoot of the Paris Agreement targets emerges. The impacts of this at a global and Irish scale will be explored together with current policy initiatives at EU and Irish levels.


3D Printing Research & Applications- Innovations for humanitarian healthcare – the hype and the reality

Printing research is a broad field, with research into methodologies, materials, potential applications and products that can be manufactured. This event will focus on two areas of 3D printing research, medical device design and ethics, and the reality of 3D printing organs for transplantation.

One spotlight example in this talk will be Med3DP; an initiative to develop on-demand medical devices for humanitarian healthcare using 3D printing technology. Med3DP currently hosts a wide range of projects complete with ready-to-print files, documentation and other helpful information. This initiative is in association with Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin. Each year a talented group of students in the Master's of Bioengineering program take initiative and brainstorm, prototype, and develop 3D printable medical devices.

WexSci, Wexford Science Festival is one of a series of regional science festivals run in conjunction with the national Science Week campaign managed by Science Foundation Ireland, that aims to reach communities at a local and regional level. WexSci, led by Wexford County Council Library Service and the Community Development Department, is supported by our festival Partners and is an annual festival of science, technology, engineering, art and maths. It takes place this year from the 8th to the 15th of November. 

The WexSci team have been busy transforming our activities to digital formats for people of all ages to explore and discover STEAM in new ways. Experience our full programme of free events including talks, workshops and experiments, as part of our new online festival programme. From Afterschool workshops, opportunities to meet with those working in STEAM careers, hearing from national and international scientists and researchers to taking part in Baking in Space with Niamh Shaw and Andrew Smyth, the 2020 festival will have something for everyone.